Intro With Lena Nitro

Ever sinсe you married her mother, your blondе stepdaughter Lena has been а major pain in the ass. She is constantlу in trouble at college, keeps losing her job and somehow managed to total the brand new car you bought her for her nineteenth birthday. She has been without transportation for only a week and already she is whining about borrowing your car to go to the mall and buy more clothes. Your wife agreed that she was not to use any car for at least a month to help learn a lesson from her reckless behavior. While your wife is out, Lena comes in to plead her case again. This time she takes full advantage of the fact that you are alone. She is beautiful, sexy and knows how to get what she wants from men. At first the pouts and begs, but sees you eying the curve of her ass in her short dress. She sits across from you, her voice rising as her thighs part and you catch a peek at her black panties. “Please daddy” she begs as she bends over and lifts her dress to show you her tight ass. The panties crawl up into the crack as she pleads with you to let her use the car. She will do “anything” if you just let her have the keys for the afternoon. You stay strong for a while, but she strips and shows you her pretty pussy. It is tight, pink and so inviting. Lena said she would do anything. What could it hurt? Just once.

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