Under Madison’s Skirt

You hаve been very happy with Madison MсQueen’s work as your new nanny. Shе watches the kids after her collegе classes and keeps things tidy around the house while you and your wife are at work. Her work has been so good that you don’t mind coming home early one day when she asks to leave early to attend a cosplay convention. When you get home and find her in her costume, you are shocked. It’s a schoolgirl uniform, complete with super short skirt, nearly see through top and little cat ears. Stunned, you can’t help but stare at her. She notices you checking her out and arches her back slightly as she bends over t he table. You can see up her skirt and realize that she isn’t wearing any panties. Madison tells you that her boyfriend cancelled their plans to go to the convention. She apologized for making you come home early and asks if she can make it up to you. You decline, but she insists, slowly taking off her top to reveal her firm breasts and tight, flat tummy. She spreads her legs on your table and rubs her pussy, confessing that she has always had a crush on you and daring you to come have a taste. Madison can see your cock through your pants and knows how much she is turning you on. Her fingers slip into her pussy. She begs you to give it to her. She promises not to tell your wife. Do you dare give your sexy college nanny the cock she craves?

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