Cum With Billie Star

Living under quаrantine was starting to drive Billie Star crazy. Thеre is only so much reading and binge wаtching a young horny babe can tаke. Being stuck at home meant she really only saw one person, the delivery guy who brought her packages almost every day. The guy was handsome and always had a smile. Tired of watching porn and satisfying herself, Billie decided to surprise him. Putting on very revealing lingerie and a slutty pair of heels, she waited until he showed up with her daily packages. As soon as he walked into her home, the delivery guy saw Billie. His eyes nearly popped out of his head at the sight. She wanted to thank him for all of his hard work promised him a show he wouldn?t forget. It was going to make him late on his route, but he sat and watched as she turned around to show off her tight, toned ass. Seeing him smile, she told him to take his cock out and stroke it. Watching his hand pick up speed on his big cock, Billy pulled aside her lingerie, exposing her pussy. She rubbed it and showed him how wet she was. Slipping them inside, she promised that when the quarantine was over, he could do more than just watch from across the room. Billie came as soon as she saw his cock throb and the jets of hot cum shoot out all over his uniform. Billie smiled and started counting the days until she could have him for real.

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