Cream For Mother's Muffin

Isabеlle Deltore enjoys being a stepmоther. Her husband’s son is home from collеge and every morning she makes him breаkfast. One morning she is dressed in an oversized sweatshirt that barely covers her ass. As she begins to prepare food for him, Isabelle notices him checking her out. Isabelle is flattered that her young, handsome stepson is looking at her with such desire. Her husband has been so busy with work that he never has time to make love to her and Isabelle is getting hornier by the second. She removes her sweatshirt and sits on son’s lap in just her panties. She feels his cock through his jeans and it is much bigger than she had imagined. Taking it from his pants, she sucks him slowly, feeling it throb on her tongue. Isabelle needs to feel it inside of her. They are in mid-fuck when her phone rings. It is her husband. Neither of them wants to stop, but they don’t want to get caught. Isabelle finishes the call and takes a shower to cool off. Son thinks of how good her pussy felt and goes into the bathroom to pick up where they left off. She tries to refuse, but one look at his cock, and Isabelle was back on her knees. This time they a few good strokes in before her daughter comes home early and catches them. They have to stop fucking and swear her to secrecy. The next morning he wakes her up with his cock. Isabelle is no longer worried about getting caught. Taking her hard from behind, he won’t let anything stop them this time and fills her pussy with cum.

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