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Papalegal VR Pornstar Leana Lovings works as the executive assistant at a successful law firm and has been taking care of her boss’s every need for several years now. Despite harboring secret feelings for her boss, your interactions have only consisted of playful flirtation during daily meetings. Unexpectedly, Leanna Lovings is summoned to her boss’s office on a Sunday, a day when the office is typically empty, to discuss a crucial case for a prominent client. This unusual request raises suspicions in Leanna Lovings’ mind, prompting her to make a daring decision. She decides to wear lingerie underneath her professional attire, anticipating an unconventional encounter.

As Leana Lovings steps into the office, she is greeted by soft music and dimmed lights. She asks you where you would like to start reviewing the case and you grab her by the waist and bring her close. Being that this is the moment she has been waiting for, Leanna Lovings falls to her knees and begins sucking your cock enthusiastically before undressing in this 8K VR Porn!

You take things to the desk and then onto the floor – trying to capture every moment you have caught yourself fantasizing about her while working. You both have so much pent-up sexual energy that your lust for each other is palpable. You marvel at Leana Lovings’ VR tits as you rock her back and forth. Then while riding you, she whispers in your ear for you to put a baby inside her…

Date: November 9, 2023
Actors: Leana Lovings