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Abella Danger And Her Wedding Surprise


Abella Danger And Her Wedding Surprise There’s nothing like a wedding to put a woman in the mood. You and Abella Danger just returned from a friend’s wedding and, well, she’s horny. She doesn’t want to play any games and she just wants to get down and dirty. No arguments there. Who wants to beat around the bush when you can check out Abella’s bush?

Abella has one sweet booty though. Wow! A killer booty on a killer body! You’ll be able to get to that booty and the rest of her body later though. Abella wants to play and she wants to play now!

She pushes you back into bed and quickly pulls off your pants. She needs what you have in there. With your warm, growing meat in her hands she slides it deep into her mouth. You feel yourself grow within her hot, sweltering mouth. Her lips massaging every inch of your skin.

Abella wants to let you know just how appreciative she is that you took her to the wedding. She looks back up at you, making eye contact. That perfect, tanned ass stretching upwards as she takes your cock out of her mouth. You have to come up for air sometimes! Spit drips down your shaft. Your thick piece of meat makes her salivate. She wants more, so she goes back to work.

Abella just can’t take it any longer. She has you up, throbbing and she’s ready to really get to work. But she also knows how much you want to see that ass working out. So she turns around and readies to reverse cowgirl you. As you slide into her tightness, you get the pleasure of watching her back arch as her ass slams down onto you. She’s probably an expert twerker, at least judging by these moves.

Abella Danger is one of those girls who doesn’t like to just sit in one position though. Having her dominate your dick while you lay back in bed is enjoyable, but she wants to experience you and your impressive shaft from all angles. She sits up, putting her feet on both sides of your thighs as she really rides you, but she also wants you to take charge.

Are you ready to take charge? You grab her, still taking her from behind while thrusting deeper and deeper inside of her. She arches and moans with every thrust, getting ready to burst, but she’s just not ready yet. She has a few more surprises ready for you. She also wants to see your face when you finish off your wedding surprise.

Whether it is looking up at her beautiful body as she works on your meat or while you grab her ass and take control, she’s ready for everything you have to give.

Date: June 18, 2021
Actors: Abella Danger