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A Steamy Memory


A Steamy Memory It is not just men that have wet dreams when they go to bed horny. Sometimes women also live out their X-rated fantasies in their dreams. Luckily for you the beauty being discussed is your smoking hot Asian Girlfriend, Jureka Del Mar. You are enjoying a lazy weekend with her and cannot help but hear her moaning on the couch. You know what she is dreaming about before you even wake her up. The dream is about your hard cock and how it will feel deep in her pussy. Ever since she got her clit pierced, Jureka Del Mar has had an insatiable sexual appetite. Wet dreams are fun, but you are far too good of a boyfriend to keep her simply dreaming about incredible sex. Time to wake her up and give her that vitamin D.

Date: February 26, 2021
Actors: Jureka Del Mar