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My Personal Consultant


My Personal Consultant After shopping, Mirella Ferraz comes back home with three bikinis she liked. She finds you reading a book on the sofa, and she tells you that she is going to try the bikinis on so you can tell her which one fits her better. She tries on one bikini and then the other being naked in between. Looking at her body is turning you on… She is spectacular with her bikinis but naked she is absolutely amazing!
After you choose one of them, she realizes that you are hard. And, with a smile, she kneels on the floor in order to give you a blowjob, sticking your cock deep inside her mouth. She takes off her new bikini because she wants to ride you, and she does in reverse cowgirl-style: you can see her ass moving up and down the way you like it most. She does the same but looking at you, in cowgirl. You fuck her in doggy position too, grabbing her arms so she has to follow your lead and after that grabbing her hips. Then, she fucks you, sticking her cock in you while she masturbates you… Wow! The pleasure is indescribable!

Date: February 17, 2023
Actors: Tony Lee