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Game Of Ping Pong


Game Of Ping Pong Marcelle Herrera and Isabella Fontalene are playing ping pong while you are watching them in the couch. They are really focus, but when one of them loss a point, she shouts, a sound really sexy to you. When the game is over, they approach to you and whisper something in your ear. Both alluring women whispering in a sensual way give you goose bumps. You can see that both are horny by the looks they give to you and each other.
They start to take down your pants, and take turns to give you a blowjob. You couldn’t imagine as much pleasure as this: the two of them are licking your cock and balls at the same time. But then the real action takes place. You are going to fuck Isabella from the back (while she whips her own ass) at the same time she gives a blowjob to Marcelle. You three are going to use the ping pong table to continue: Marcelle is kneeling on the table giving pleasure to Isabella while you fuck her ass. The posture will change, the place too: on bed, on the table; licking your cocks and their boobs; fucking from behind and face to face; kneeling, standing and lying down… This threesome is sexy as fuck!

Date: February 16, 2023
Actors: Tony Lee