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Cheers! Gabrielly Ferraz wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve the best way she can. And for that she invites to your home her friend Yasmin de Castro, who arrives exited. You three open a bottle of champagne and put it in the glasses. You drink a toast and you see how they are looking at each other with desire. They start to touch their bodies, first friendly just appreciating their dresses, but then the scene becomes hornier because they start to touch their bodies. Before you notice it, they are in the sofa kissing and touching each other.
Then, they approach to you and both give you a blowjob. This continue with Gabrielly, with your cock in her mouth, being fucked from behind by Yasmin. But you want to fuck them, so you take Gabrielly and you fuck her in reverse cowgirl while she gives Yasmin a blowjob. You want to fell Yasmin too, so she rides you in cowgirl while you introduce your penis in her: Yasmin masturbates her with her hand. Then, Gabrielly will lick your penis and the one of Yasmin. The different positions keep coming and you spend the New Year’s Eve in a way that you couldn’t expect: with this threesome hard to forget.

Date: March 5, 2023
Actors: Tony Lee