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Euro Trip: After Party


Euro Trip: After Party This trip to Europe wasn’t supposed to be a pussy fest, but as they say, when in Rome…Tonight you went to a party and met this gorgeous lady Sirena Milano. Her accent is so sexy and her body is so tight and curvy. She’s in a fun-loving mood (like you), and you can tell she’s getting wet and horny. As you talk about your trip and where you’re from, it’s obvious that she’s not paying attention – she only wants your cock and she wants it bad. After a lovingly sensual blowjob, Sirena starts bouncing up and down on your cock, with her perky tits jiggling in your face. You guys go from the couch to your rented room to finish things. Euro babes just cum different, and it feels amazing. How much is it to extend your vacation?

Date: November 5, 2023
Actors: Sirena Milano