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Dirty Words


Dirty Words Jia Lissa is your Russian language teacher, and she’s been helping you learn the language pretty well. However, it’s been a remote class, so the learning hasn’t been as intense as it would be if she were in person. Fortunately, next week she’s coming to tutor you one-on-one, so you’re pretty excited. The lesson starts like any other, but you quickly realize that she’s discussing anatomical words, and she’s not sparing a single one. After a while, she has her panties off to show you how Russian women love to masturbate in front of their students. Next is the word for blowjob, but she has to show you what a blowjob is so you can really understand its meaning. Sure, it’s a pretty flimsy pretext to suck your dick and get you to fuck her brains out, but if it helps you learn Russian, then it’s all worth it.

Date: November 9, 2023
Actors: Jia Lissa