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A Coffee With Katy


A Coffee With Katy Let’s meet Katy for coffee, the VR door is open, she’s all alone and wants to ride your man bone. Katy is a ravishingly hot brunette with long dark silky hair, excited eyes, and a fabulously perfectly toned body, she looks all agitated and she’s been expecting you to cum. Katy’s got sex on her mind, sipping coffee, her juicy lips leave a smudge of lipstick on her cup, she’s been lapping up the creamy froth. In an elegant body-hugging electric blue dress, Katy will spark your flame into an inferno with those black stockings climbing her legs up to her pussy. she’s going to leave you in a mess, her hands push deep into her moist crouch and gasping at her long legs inside the dress. She can’t wait, neither can you. She bursting to slip out of her clothes, there she goes, out pop her tits as she teases you seductively, her nipples are aroused, they are iron rivets. Slithering out of her dress she pushes her generous big tits together, in her blue lacy knickers clinging around her jackpot slots, this naughty horny girl’s fingering her sticky wet clit, the caffeine kicked in and she’s gonna be the steamiest of “star fucks”. It’s not just her coffee cup that’s all stirred up, no wonder. She’s got real class with a tight curvy ass and her milky white skin, where to begin? It’s just you in her urban chic pad, in your face she’s furiously flicking her moist lady coffee bean deep inside her creamy muffin, why don’t you give her a shot of joy as you boil over and blast a man-load, she wants your cream, she’s a seriously sexy wet dream. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

Date: June 9, 2021
Actors: Katy Rose