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18 Years Old Oral Sex


18 Years Old Oral Sex Alice Dupre is a sexy 18-year-old babe who loves to play. She hooked up with this guy and wasted no time kissing him and rubbing his cock through his jeans. The two passionately kisses as they stripped then she had him lay on the couch so she could deepthroat his dick. She kept her panties on, but her perky, small tits bounced as she jacked his cock and massaged his balls. They rolled around on the couch as he fucked her mouth in several different positions including him choking her while he shoved his dick down her throat. She licked his shaft, sucked his balls, jerked him off, and sucked him hard until he could hold out no longer and came all over her pretty face and in her wet mouth.

Date: October 31, 2021
Actors: Alice Dupre