Mortal Cumbat

The Mortal Kombat tournament has officially come to an end. Humanity has failed… we have lost. All human warriors have fallen – only two brave female fighters remain on the battlefield: Sonya Blade (Brandi Love) and her daughter Cassie Cage (Anna Claire Clouds). The warlock Shang Tsung will destroy our dimension if they cannot convince him that there are things on Earth worth preserving. As they fail to prove this to him with their battle skills, they will have to use the other… talents they possess to convince him to spare the human species and our planet – and this is exactly the moment when YOU are coming in. Introducing the Mortal CUMbat – our brand-new threesome VR porn fantasy that has been created to become the ultimate parody of Mortal Kombat series. Here, you will get to become the abovementioned Shang Tsung and it will be only up to you, whether our two hot female fighters, Anna and Brandi, will manage to save this dimension with their out-of-this-world cock-sucking and fucking skills. The stakes are high and even though the tournament has officially come to an end, the fight continues – yet the girls are fighting not with their fists and kicks, but with their pussies and deep throats. Wear your VR goggles to decide whether they are good enough to save the entire humanity, or send them to the impending doom if they will not satisfy you sexually enough. You can do everything you want with them, so feel free to ask them for all kinds of pleasure that you might want to get – their asses, mouths, and tight holes will be ready for the Emperor’s cock (which means your own dick, as long as you will be wearing VR headset), and the faith of humanity all lies on their “efforts”!