In The Alien Day

After our recent Hardcore VR Porn Production “Close Encumters of the Third Kind”, we decided to stay on the topic of fucking with sexy aliens, extraterrestrials and other galaxies. And that is why today we come to you with “In the Alien day” in which you will play the role of the captain of the spaceship. While in the previous movie you were, you could say, the subject of research (although nothing bad happened to you), in this case – as the captain of the ship – you are in charge here. Moreover, your crew are beings from beyond your planet and even the galaxy. But don’t be discouraged, even though your role has a high responsibility, let’s not forget what we’re here for. Actually, why are you here. This happens infrequently, but it does happen that a spacecraft crashes. As long as you are in a place where help can be provided quickly, there is no stress. But what if, however, in a foreign orbit there is not even from whom to ask for this help? You and your space crew have been stuck in orbit for a good couple of weeks now. Nowhere to help, no one hears your signal. Your Sergeant Major Lailery, the cute alien Young VR Porn, has lost all hope of making it out alive. So she decides to do everything she can to improve her mood and be happy because she has nothing else left. And that there is nothing left to lose – she greatly appreciates that she could serve you and you impress her with your personality, style and leadership. So much so that her sexy alien body experiences strange reactions. And although under normal circumstances she would never allow herself such a confession, because interplanetary relationships are not allowed, there is nothing left to lose in the current situation. Don’t think this adventure will just end up stroking your dick or swallowing cock VR Porn. Lailery is eager to see if what they say about your planet is true. And with each new sex position, she wants more and more to experience as much as she can. So sit back and put on your new best vr headset for pc and have fun with Lailery. But remember! Don’t cum inside her, that’s the only condition.