Twin Peak

The hоrny Zee Twins cause trouble wherever thеy go. Their wild sexual exploits finallу got them thrown out of the last co-ed sсhool in the area. Their wealthy father immediately put Lady and Sandra into an exclusive all-girl school to keep his slutty daughters in line. Not having any boys around to play with has made it easier for the twins to stay out of trouble, but the lack of sex has been driving them crazy. They aren’t lesbians and the male teachers at the school won’t come near them. This leaves them both quite frustrated. That doesn’t mean they aren’t having fun. Both girls find their short skirts and school uniforms very sexy. They have found a way to keep themselves from going crazy. Each day they come home and with the house to themselves they talk about their fantasies as they slowly get undressed. Their nipples get hard and their pussies are so wet they can’t keep their fingers out of them. They know it is naughty, but Lady and Sandra love spreading their legs and fucking their horny pussies side by side. They fantasize together about which of their teachers has the biggest cocks and which ones might finally give in and give them the fucking they need. Cumming alone is not as good as the real thing, but they know that they will find a way to turn their dirty fantasies into reality soon.

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