Resist Me If You Can

Ever since you and your wife had a family, you have been trying to improve relations with your stepdaughter. In order to please young Mary Jane VR, you decided to make her a small present – stuffed unicorn. When you arrive home, you find the daughter inside, dressed in a cute outfit. You are a little shocked. She has seen how you look at her when her mother is away and wanted to surprise you with a role-play VR Fantasy. Playfully hugging the stuffed animal, she rolls around the bed and teases you about fucking her. It can just be your secret, she won’t tell your wife. You have never seen her this playful and she looks really good in the cute outfit. She teases you, giving you just a peek at her breasts will still playing innocent and talking to you in her naughtiest voice. She is so lonely with only her stuffed friend to take care of her. Humping her toy, she pulls down her shorts and begs you to give her what she really needs. She tells you to take out your cock and watch as she uses a rubber ice cream cone from the unicorn to satisfy her horny pussy. You stroke at the same pace she uses as she pushes the colorful toy in and out of her wet, pink folds. Sexy Mary Jane smiles as she cums hard and invites you into bed to join her for round two.