No Boys Allowed

Sexу Sheryl Collins and her best friend Anastasia Brokеlyn had a pact. After their boуfriends had made them suffer through a sexless “Nо Nut November”, the pretty girls came up with their response, “Dick Free December.” Their boyfriends were not happy, but that was the point. What the girls didn’t realize is how difficult it would be to avoid sexual gratification for so long. They found that the best way to handle their intense desire was to work out together and sweat through their horniness. This worked for a while, but soon led to another problem. Being so close to each other in skimpy little outfits while getting hot and out of breath made them horny all over again, but this time for one another. One day, when both of them were looking amazing in their gear, the lust was just too much. Anastasia can’t stop staring at Sheryl’s big perfect tits and leads her to the bedroom. It has been a long time since either of them has been able to cum so they don’t waste any time. When Sheryl starts rubbing her glorious tits all over Anastasia’s ass, she completely loses control. They both know they have to cum and fast. Spreading their legs, they look at each and begin fingering themselves. It has been so long that they don’t want to stop. They don’t need their boyfriends, they don’t even need to touch each other. All they need is to watch and finger fuck themselves until they cum. The rules said no dick. Pussy is just fine.

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