Daughter Is My Little Fuck Toy

Nikki Hill is a lаzy brat. She has no job, rarely goes tо classes and spends her days оn her phone with her friends. She can’t evеn be bothered to clean up after herself. Her new stepfather has had it and confronts her about her lack of effort and motivation. Nikki is called before father to listen to his complaints. She has never seen this stern and demanding side of him. He watches over her as she folds his laundry, shines his shoes and prepares dinner. No matter how hard she tires, nothing is good enough. Annoyed by the chores and his criticism, Nikki finds herself turned on by his tone. Every time she makes the slightest mistake, his voice drops and Nikki’s pussy buzzes with excitement. She can take it no longer and suggests he find another way to punish her. He orders her to undress and show him her body. Grabbing daughter by the throat, he pulls her close to his throbbing meat so she can suck his cock. That isn’t nearly punishment enough so he bends Nikki over and rams himself inside of her tight pussy. She isn’t used to being controlled and fucked this way, but fathers rough hair pulling and choking have her screaming for more. He silences her by covering her mouth and muffling her moaning. Nikki is still shaking from her own orgasm when he shoves his cock back into her mouth and fucking her face until he explodes all over her. He barks at her to clean herself up and finish dinner. Servicing his cock will be one of her daily chores from now and she will do it with a smile on her bratty face.

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