The Barfly

As a frequent patron at your local bar, you’ve worked up a report with the bartender. He hooks you up with free drinks and points out eligible local singles every time you’re sipping on some suds. Today, he’s caught local pool shark, Emma, checking you out. “Go flirt with her,” he says. “She’s definitely DTF.” Well, friend. Life is made up of nothing but chance encounters, and letting a spot of luck like this slip by is basically like slapping fate in the face. As you shimmy on over to the table, you can feel her eyes burning a hole through the pants that are concealing your semi. She’s hot for you, and basically standing in a puddle of her own pussy juices. She’ll let you stare right up her skirt and even put on a little show for you right there on the pool table. Before long, you find yourself with your cock down her throat. Today’s a good day indeed. Slide into Ms. Starletto’s soaking wet pussy and remind yourself why this is your local watering hole.