Cum To Bed

You, your dad, stepmom, and stepsister have all gone to your cousins’ place for the weekend. One of those “We’re a family, we need to start acting like one,” initiatives. You hate these kinds of things, don’t you? It doesn’t help that your cousins are spoiled little brats who don’t respect authority. It’s night time now, your stepsister Kiara is supposed to be counting sheep in cousin Lily’s room, but there’s too much ruckus in there so she’s come to you to seek peace and quiet. Bit weird though, right? Snoozing with your stepsister, especially considering you’re in bed naked. Kiara’s nightwear is admittedly sexier than you expected, so it’s pretty hard to turn her away. That being said, you try your little best. When she climbs under the covers with you though, she sees your dick, and, well, she’s pretty impressed. It’s not long before she’s putting it down her throat and begging for it in her pussy. This is going to be a fuck to remember, but make sure you stay cool when you get back home. BAU.